Lynne and Michael Roche Dollmakers


  • NEW DOLLS FOR 2015
    Elsie & Little Theo
  • NEW DOLLS FOR 2015
    Little Theo with his boat
  • NEW DOLLS FOR 2015
    Winter Elsie

Welcome to Roche dolls

Lynne and Michael Roche have been making artist dolls for over 30 years. They are well known for their porcelain headed dolls with finely carved and articulated lime-wood bodies. They have also made a variety of ranges of different bodies for the dolls over the years.

Another definitive aspect of their work is the clothing for the dolls, Lynne uses uniquely dyed fabrics and yarns and wonderful antique fabric for the clothes and many details such as embroidery and appliqués decorate the unusual and evocative garments. Many outfits are also enhanced by wonderful hand knitted items. All of this with the addition of real or mohair custom made wigs, beautiful paperweight glass eyes made in England, delightful specially made leather shoes and boots and uniquely imaginative accessories make their dolls highly desirable and collectable. They have been called by serious antique doll collectors ‘antiques of the future'.


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